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List of Government Health Insurance Schemes in India

When looking for public-funded health insurance schemes in India, you can choose from the following list of government health insurance schemes:

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Reasons to Automatize the Clinics Management System

It is important to unearth a smart clinical management system for a positive patient experience at all times. What differentiates a conventional management system from a smart one is the patient-centric approach towards optimal operational efficiency.

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Tips to Remember while Buying Medical Equipment

Now, more than ever, healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are opting for a self-serve business model, where they can purchase what they want and when they want, in a seamless, contact-less way by sourcing products online. Choosing to buy medical equipment online can be a huge timesaver and can make your life at work so much easier. Previously, the only way to purchase medical equipment was through brick-and-mortar stores that required time-consuming visits to dealers and suppliers, as well as laborious negotiations. Purchasing the right medical equipment and devices is important, and before investing in any type of device, there are several things that need to be considered.

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